Monday, July 26, 2021



THE COLORS OF SPIRIT: An in-person expressive workshop for New Yorkers

I'm offering a collage and free-writing session in mid-August. It looks like the rest of summer will be more challenging than usual this year due to the heat and uncertainty we're all feeling about our public health and political situations.

This gathering will be very small, safe, and intimate, for fully vaccintated folks who want to stay creative and connected during a slow month. My entire office is immaculate, with a new air filtration system to keep us healthy.

Kandinsky wrote, "Colours on the painter's palette evoke a double effect: a purely physical effect on the eye which is charmed by the beauty of colours, similar to the joyful impression when we eat a delicacy. This effect can be much deeper, however, causing a vibration of the soul or an "inner resonance" – a spiritual effect in which the colour touches the soul itself.”

The date: Saturday, August 14, 1-3.

In this 2-hour session, we'll be playing with abstract shapes and vibrantly colored onstruction paper, built on the theme and language of the colors of spirit. It will take place in my beautiful, calm, and cool new office at 119 W. 57th St., Suite 1100. $35. Supplies and refreshments included.

This workshop is intended not only to keep our spirits high but also to point the way to an intentional and energetic fall, since we already know exactly what we need to move forward in the coming months. Not necessarily with our rational, left-brain intelligence, of course, that helps us get through our life every day. But with our intuitive, right-brain intelligence, which holds 97% of what we know but are unable to access through ordinary means. The right brain speaks in the language of metaphor; its voice is the imagination. In this session, we'll play with the language of color.

Just as restorative as playing with words and visual images on the page is playing in small, supportive community, which my workshops always elicit.

If you're interested, please write me at

And by the way, what shape or relationship of shapes stands out for you in this abstract piece? Jot down the first words that come to mind and free-write for 10 minutes from there. Give it a title and go forth in joy!

Art: Kandinsky, "Blue Rider."

Damien Elwes. imagining the studio of Matisse

Damien Elwes, "Imagining Matisse's Studio"


This is my first newsletter in several months, due to painfully witnessing a family member's advanced Alzheimers and death and my own emergency surgery. I'm very resilient, fully recovered from surgery, and eager to get back to work, while taking full precautions in the ongoing pandemic.

I'm happy to announce the relaunch of Living Story/NYC. My practice supports grounded resilience and re-emergence through difficult change. Using the portals of poetry and mythical tales, I offer a path guided by soul and the healing imagination through improvisational writing, visual art, and sharing the deep story that wants to emerge in the moment.

My new office is at 119 W. 57th St., Suite 1100. It's 2 blocks south of Central Park at 6th Avenue and accessible to all trains.

I'll be available to see fully vaccinated clients (I'm considered high-risk) for private "Healing Memoir" and "Life through a Story Lens" sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and possibly Fridays starting in the next few weeks, for an introductory rate of $100, based on my online package of 3 sessions for $300. I'm continuing with all my on-line programs, of course. They're permanent!

I've scheduled the official launch of my practice with an intimate in-person story sanctuary for Oct.16,1-3 pm, for 6-8 people. A light lunch, poetry of the threshold, and a welcoming collective ear await! $35.

Please contact me directly if you're interested in attending or would like to schedule a complimentary half hour phone consultation. I'm at