Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Online Story Sanctuaries for Caregivers 

Monday, December 19 - Family Caregivers 
8-10 pm EST

Tuesday, December 20 - Professional Caregivers 8-10 pm EST

Space is very limited for both of these sessions. Please register at If you're accessing my website from your phone, please scroll down to the announcement.

As a caregiver for many hundreds of suffering clients, a departed parent who suffered from Alzheimer's, and as a recent cancer survivor myself, I so understand the anxiety, exhaustion, and special kind of loneliness that afflicts everyone trying to cope with serious illness.
The isolation imposed by illness is among the worst side effects of disease and treatment, while meditative writing within a supportive group, especially through the lens of dynamic story structure, is one of the most effective medicines for reducing stress. A former client who was just finishing up breast cancer treatment once told me that the support she had received from her peers in a 6-week oncology writing group was the best support she experienced during her cancer journey.
Now that I'm three weeks beyond treatment myself, I'm pleased to offer two special Story Sanctuaries for family and professional caregivers.


Through the creative and communal approach I offer in these sessions, you will:
1. Stabilize, connect with, and free yourself from the isolation imposed by the demands of caregiving;
2. Become both more attentive and more detached from the present moment;
3. Reconnect with yourself and your deepest passions, which may have been sacrificed;
4. Design a new vision for how you could live in the future; and
5. Rehearse generative actions on the page before you take them into life;
6. Help to weave a more deeply connected and conscious grid of people dedicated to a new story for family, community, and country.
You'll experience story as not only about the past but also about your way into a new reality. In the timeless, limitless place that story holds in our psyches, we participate in this ancient ritual that has empowered, enlightened, and shaped civilized societies from the beginning of time.
Space is very limited for both of these sessions. Please register at If you're accessing my web site on your phone, scroll down to workshop announcements.


January 2, 8-10 - Free introductory online story sanctuary for those who have not joined one previously.
January 3 - Ongoing online story group, 8-10 -- now $25 to help me cover my expenses.
January 18 - In-person story sanctuary for New Yorkers suffering from pre-inaugural blues, 7-9, private home -- $30
January 19 -- Online pre-inaugural story sanctuary for anyone who feels depressed or anxious at this time, 8-10 -- $25
I hope to share the healing power of story with you soon, and I wish you a loving, healthy Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza.
For all of us a peaceful and happy new year.

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