Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Write of Passage": a 7-Week Hero's Journey Intensive

Tuesdays, October 5 - November 16
7-9 p.m.
my office

$210 for all 7 sessions.

(This is a small, closed group, and you must commit with payment up front to all 7 sessions. Thanks.)

For New York area writers and other artists, healers, coaches, people dealing with life transitions, those in or aspiring to leadership positions, and anyone who wants to live life as a daring adventure.

I invite you to come on a hero's journey with me.

The ancient hero's journey myth that tells of disaster, quest, victory, and wise return can be found in every great story, transformational experience, and meaningful life.

It's a metaphorical roadmap for the universal struggle to navigate and grow through crisis and shows us how to transform personal or collective misfortune into deep and necessary change.

The orphans, seekers, mentors, warriors, tricksters, tyrants, creators, lovers, magicians, and sages met along the way can found in our own relationships at home, work, and within ourselves. And how often do we find ourselves at metaphorical crossroads, steep mountain passes, turbulent rivers, and seek hidden caves in which to endure life's inevitable dark nights? This unique and beautiful course will give you a fresh perspective from which to more deeply understand the underlying dynamics and possibilities of your life experience.

Using stories and poetry from the exuberant mosaic of the world's oral and written traditions, this writing and storytelling class will teach you how to apply the inspiring, transforming power of this ancient story paradigm to any challenging project, difficult life passage, or simply to life itself.

To sign up for this course, contact me at (Most of my posts from 2009 describe the separate sessions of this course in detail.)


Some comments from past mythic journeys:

"This is the most incredible experience I've ever had! Where is this stuff coming from in me? I'm very excited about this process. I can already feel the shift of energy."

"I'm so fascinated by the archetypes -- the characters who are a part of me. I feel really inspired. It felt so good to hear others' stories and to have other people listen to mine."

"It was a beautiful experience. I had several light bulbs go off in my head about the orphan-seeker characters I'm playing out."

"I got a new frame in which to see my life that has helped me to feel a greater sense of integration and wholeness. Learning about the hero's journey has helped bring dignity and meaning to my own very personal struggles and seeing them in the context of a larger whole gives me a greater sense of connection and purpose. And that greater sense fuels me with inspiration to pursue, persevere and achieve the things that i want to do. I couldn’t have written the third act of my play without this group."

"You create a comfortable and nurturing environment. Each participant felt safe in expressing him or herself, which ultimately impacted the energy of the entire group in profound ways. Your inclusion of literary material provided me with a jumping off point for my creative project."

"I've been an art therapist for many years now and I lead groups for a living. Therefore, I so enjoy being a quieter part of the group, able to sit back and have my own process while experiencing how you present the information, handle challenging and also pleasant situations, and see how you are absolutely present to the process that the group and each individual is undergoing. The interweaving of your skills and the talents/needs of the group members is quite a fine process and a great experience."