Saturday, July 22, 2017


On my own path to my passionate purpose, I discovered that every failure, every setback, and every depression was actually a call to step forth into an adventurous life that I had not yet imagined. Something in a story -- a character, event, landscape, even an image -- would touch me where I was most wounded and helped to bring it forth to rebirth. And in my imagination, what I call the Story Zone, the brave protagonist's path forward became my own.

I have lived story and know that every broken place in us can be exposed and attended to. I know intimately that through listening to meaningful stories and poems, writing improvisationally from them as a launch pad to whatever truth we hold in our hearts, and sharing our writing in non-judgmental community, we can turn our suffering into a salve for others who yearn for warmth and understanding. That in itself changes us from feeling victimized to becoming empowered.


I'm happy to announce the dates for the next group Write of Passage: Tuesdays, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Nov. 7. 8-10 pm eastern time. All sessions are online and will be recorded. It is a small group for anyone -- male, female, trans -- to find a better language for their life experience -- past, present, and hoped-for future. (If a number of people in the group are otherwise committed to real-world ghosts and goblins on Halloween, we'll skip a week and continue on Nov. 14.) Details about this group at

If you are interested, the first step is to schedule a private exploratory session with me to decide if this course can help you move forward in life from your highest self.

Please note: this is not therapy. It is a uniquely formulated creative process for transforming the story you tell yourself, and in which you're stuck. PM me here or email me at

A private Write of Passage is also available and will be scheduled at our mutual convenience. Same application process applies. Different fee. Details coming.